Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Hookah and koyilandy/ koyilandy hookas / hookahs in koyilandy


Koyilandy Hookahs, traditional smoking pipes, of Calicut made in Koyilandy were famous across north india, Gulf and Pakistan.Prepared by Moosari, a coppersmith community, these Hookahs were once considered a pride of Koyilandy. However it is not so any more. in But in Gulf countries, Koyilandy Hookahs are still very popular as "Malabar Hookah."
The craft owes it origin to a group of Yemeni merchants who had taken up residence at Koyilandy about 500 years ago. They commissioned the local craftsmen to make Hookah, an object of oriental culture.Made by local craftsmen, the Hookah impressed Yemeni traders and soon came to be known as Koyilandy Hookah.Besides being ornately designed with attractive motifs, the Koyilandy Hookahs have coconut shell as the water holder. Even today, these hookahs are exported to gulf countries.

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Anil Nair said...

I am from palakkad. Can you please let me know where in Koyilandy I can buy these hookahs..Please email me at itsme.anilnair@gmail.com